My First Book Published!

My first book, Changing Tacks: Lessons I’ve Learned from an Old Wooden Boat, is available for purchase directly from the publisher, Crosslink Publishing, or Barnes & Noble.


The story is about my journey to forgiveness — something we all need but find very hard to accept. After 25 years of preaching and teaching, my life fell apart and I fell from grace. Like Jonah, I tried to run away from God, but inside there was a deep ache for the Lord. The gift of an old wooden boat, Santa Teresa taught me about grace and caused me to “change tacks.”

The book is a fun read. You’ll learn about the time I inadvertently went skinny-dipping and nearly lost the boat. The famous story about our shipwreck in the Sea of Cortez and how we were able to finally repair the boat and get home. Then there is the tale of my grand-misadventure down the coast of Baja California on a sinking boat. They are all in there and spaced between the adventure stories are “Sermons from Sailing” that outline some of the lessons I’ve learned and can now share with you.

Who is John McKeel?

After serving in Military Intelligence in Berlin during the Cold War and working as a professional mountain guide in Bavaria, I returned home to study ministry at the Southern California School of Evangelism. I then studied New Testament Greek at Abilene Christian University in Texas and graduated from Columbia Christian College in Portland. This was followed with a MA in Religion from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California.

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