Real Bibles

Picture of a Bible

Like anything, technology is a blessing and a curse. The more I work with computers, the more convinced I am that demon possession is real. Camellia just told me her husband Mark believes Smith & Wesson created the first “point and click” tool for working with computers.

When texting first became popular a few years ago, I watched a little old lady lean across the pew and warn a college student not to text during the sermon. He sheepishly held up his iPhone and told her it was his Bible. Her reply was priceless: “Well, get a real Bible!”

As I’ve gotten older, I keep changing Bibles – not translations, but sizes. I’ve moved from a pocket Bible to large print to GIANT PRINT. The type is so big I don’t need to use PowerPoint. I think the whole congregation could read it if I hold it up!

Honestly, my leather-bound Bible is gathering dust. I use it on Sundays to preach from, but I rely on my computer for serious Bible study. It gives me access to hundreds of different translations (including Greek and Hebrew) and dictionaries, lexicons, commentaries, and specialized tools. But, as one wise person told me, “The only Bible that will do you any good is the one you read.”

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