The Hotline to God

Golden Phone

Recently the American secretary of state was traveling in the Mediterranean and stopped for a private consultation with the pope in the Vatican. The Secretary of State noticed a solid gold phone on the pontiff’s desk and remarked, “That must be a pretty important phone!”

The pope replied, “Why yes it is. That’s my hotline to God.”

“Wow!” the secretary observed. “That must be a very expensive service.”

“Of course. It’s $1,000 per call.”

Later in the week the American secretary was in the prime minister of Israel’s private office and noticed an identical golden telephone. He whistled and said, “I’ll bet that’s a hotline to God.”

“Why yes it is,” the prime minister answered.

The American asked, “So how much does the phone company charge you for long distance service like that?”

The prime minister just laughed. “Oh not much. It’s a local call.”

Of course that’s a silly joke. For all Christians at all times in all places, prayer is our hotline to God and it’s free. You don’t need a golden telephone or a Wi-Fi connection. God wants to hear from you so what are you waiting for?

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