Try a Month of Prayer

IMG_0182Traditionally at my congregation, Canyon View, October is our “Month of Prayer.” That’s not to say we don’t pray during the other months, but every fall, during October, we focus on the power of prayer. We actually print out a list of 31 prayer requests for our members to focus their prayers on each and every day. Our month will culminate on Sunday, October 25th as we spend the whole worship service in prayer led by our elders. It is a very special time.

As the month begins, we need to understand prayer is a spiritual battle. You will be challenged not to pray. All kinds of distractions will appear to hinder your prayer life. If you normally begin your prayers with the dawn of each new day, you will be tempted to sleep “just a little longer.” If bedtime is your prayer time, a thousand things will crop up to keep you up past your appointment and if you normally stop in the middle of the day to commune with God, you might be surprised at the number of invitations you receive for lunch.

Satan will be doing his very best to keep you from your appointment with God. Two of his favorite tricks are convincing us, “God doesn’t really listen” or he tells us, “You’re not worthy.” Yes, it’s true, sometimes it feels like our prayers don’t go any higher than the ceiling of the room we’re praying in, but that doesn’t mean God isn’t listening. At times like that I believe the communication is simply too deep for words. Paul told the Romans, “We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express,” (Romans 8:26). Or, think about your friends. With some friends silence is awkward. Someone must always be saying something to fill the void, but when you are with a true friend, the relationship is much deeper than that. When you are with a true friend, you don’t have to say anything. Just spending time together is enough. There are times when silence speaks volumes and so it is with God. Prayers don’t always involve words.

Satan’s second trick is the most sinister one. Satan will try to convince us we’re not worthy of God’s time. “The Creator has better things to do than listen to your petty problems. Besides, you’re not worthy.” That is not true! God loves us so much, he sent his son to save us. You believed that when you became a Christian and you are dearer to him now than ever before. Keep that appointment with God and join us in prayer!

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