Walk, Run, Fly


A powerful motivational preacher was addressing a congregation. This was a church notoriously frugal. It was packed with penny pinchers and tight wads. They weren’t going anywhere and he was doing his best to get them motivated. He looked around the crowd and exclaimed, “The church is like the lame man Jesus healed. It’s got to get up and walk!”

The congregation agreed shouting, “That’s right! Let it walk!”

The preacher pulled out his handkerchief, mopped his brow and shouted, “This church, like Elijah on Mt. Carmel has got to run!”

The people were with him and shouted in unison, “That’s right! Let it run preacher!”

Spurred by their enthusiasm he lifted both hands high over head and cried, “This church has got to mount up on eagle’s wings and FLY!”

Amens were mixed with chants of “Let it fly! Let it fly!” But when the preacher exclaimed, “If it flies, it takes money!” the congregation settled down and mumbled, “Let it walk!”

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