Your Sins Will Find You Out

Once a lady visited a coffee shop for breakfast. The place was packed and the waitress couldn’t find a table for the woman to sit at, so she invited her to sit at the counter. There was a big man sitting beside her with a steaming cup of coffee and two beautiful powdered sugar donuts. The woman stirred her herbal tea and watched him devour the first donut and wash it down with his coffee. Then he got up from the counter and left an empty mug and his plate with one, lone donut.

It was the most beautiful donut she had ever seen.  It was calling her name. It had been so long since she had enjoyed a pastry – you see she was on a very strict diet. She looked left and she looked right. No one was watching. She thought about it for another moment and then decided, “Why not?” The lady snatched the donut, bit into it and went to heaven. It was wonderful! She quickly finished it, but then the man came back from the bathroom…

Once Jesus said, “nothing is covered that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known,” (Matthew 10:26). I wonder how many people give in to temptation because they believe no one will ever know. How many people sin under the cover of darkness believing they won’t be caught? The test of integrity is isn’t how you behave when everyone is watching. The measure of integrity is how you act when you are alone.

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