Ryan Gunnells’ Time Lapse Photography

Ryan Gunnells is an incredibly talented photographer. If you’ve followed my blog, Ryan took the picture of the lost bird who joined us three miles out to sea on Santa Teresa. That picture is also in my first book, Changing Tacks: Lessons I’ve Learned from an Old Wooden Boat. Ryan then created the cover picture for my second book, The Wind from the Shadows (both books are available on Amazon.com) as well as the author picture on the back of the book.

Last fall Ryan helped me take Santa Teresa for her annual inspection and a little day sail on the bay. I knew he was up to something when he disappeared up on the bow with a camera and a bunch of bungee cords. Now he presents his amazing short film, a time lapse series of pictures strung together in a really fun video.

Thanks Ryan! You are welcome aboard anytime. I’m glad to not only call you my friend, but also my brother.

Need a photographer? Check out his website: http://reveriebyg.wordpress.com