All By Chance

Of course, the alternative to creation is chance. There was a bang and everything that followed happened by accident. What are the odds? Try this simple experiment. Pull out 10 pennies and mark each one, 1 through 10. Now put them back in your pocket. Reach in and pull out a single penny. What are the odds you will pull out penny number 1? 1 in 10 right? Now put them back in your pocket and pull out the one marked 2. The odds of first pulling out 1 and then pulling out 2 are 1 in 100. Doing the same thing, putting the penny back in your pocket, and pulling out number three next is 1 in 1,000. What are your chances of pulling them out in order (after returning the pennies to your pocket) number 1 through 10? Our mathematicians will answer 110, or 1 chance in 10 BILLION. That’s with only 10 variables! How many variables are in an eye or a pituitary gland? 

So which is harder to believe? Creation or chance? I’m not a scientist and I’m not a mathematician, but I am impressed by this, the Argument from Order. It’s something to think about.


Is it possible to prove the existence of God? Perhaps not in the absolute sense. If a person has closed their mind, it is impossible, but if you look at the hand of a baby or gaze into the night sky, you will probably agree with “Kepler – the founder of modern astronomy, discoverer of the ‘Three Planetary Laws of Motion,’ and originator of the term satellite—[who] said, ‘The undevout astronomer is mad.’” (R.K. Hughes, Hebrews: an anchor for the soul). Tonight, look deep into the night sky and marvel at the work of God. (Keep those pennies in your pocket. You never know when you’ll run into a skeptic.)

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