Apologetics isn’t apologizing for anything. The Greek word means a defense. We have good reasons to believe in God. We might argue about the fine points of what God has revealed, but there is no doubt God exists and has reached out to us!

I recently received an email from one of our readers who shared a terrible story. He’s been estranged from his grandchildren because he believes in God. This problem is real and it’s growing!

Today I mentioned God made everything to my six-year-old grandson. God made all the animals, plants, and the first people. My little love snapped, “He did not! He made the fish and the sea and the fish grew feet and walked out and became different animals.”

I sat down and cried when I read this letter. 

“Lord! I am so sorry. We have failed not only to take the good news to the world; we are not even able to convince people you really do exist! Forgive us, Lord. Give us wisdom to answer the skeptics, courage to speak, and love to speak in a way people will listen.”


Have you had a similar experience? The world is not only turning away from Christianity – they are turning away from God. Help me understand why this is happening? What can I do as a minister, as a father, as a grandfather, to help my loved ones believe?

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